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We are proud to offer you the latest Surface Mount LED technology for your home or work life. We have a full line of LED lighting options.

  • Our supplier is a local company with a bespoke product

  • Cheaper than online sources (fronts for Chinese manufacturers)

  • 1/10th the power usage of incandescent and halogen lights

  • 1/3 the power usage of fluorescent lights

  • Lasts 50,000+ hours.  That is 14 years if kept on for 10hrs
    a day.  They are rated at 50,000hrs only because they have to give it a minimum rating.

  • No moving parts. No filament to burn out.

  • No mercury to slowly poison your household,  no need to worry about catching things on fire from your lights being so hot.

  • Instant light, no flickering light or waiting for the light to "warm up".

  • Low voltage which means thinner gauge wire.
    (costs less, and easier to conceal)

Please call for any further information or to schedule a meet and greet consultation.  (415) 868-1586

We have samples of a majority of the LED product line that we carry to show you the actual quality of product and quality of light that you will receive with us.


Incandescent lights
heat up a tiny tungsten wire in order to create heat, to even further create light.  A very inefficient use of electricity.  They however, do provide an unmatched glow and warmth (think of a fire)

Fluorescent lights are essentially UltraViolet (blacklights) with a phosfourescent powder on the inside of the glass bulb.  This powder glows at the appropriate color to give you your warm white and cool white light that you experience.

The Good

  • Uses ¼ of the energy to produce the same light
    as incandescent bulbs.

  • Lasts 8x longer than comparable incandescent bulbs

  • State subsidized to keep cost down
    (the $1 Compact Fluorescents at Super Markets, etc)

The Bad

  • Sometime provide unfavorable lighting quality
    (varies with type and manufacturer)

  • Variations in light quality from a cold bulb to a warm bulb

The Ugly

  • Contain a small amount of mercury (very toxic) inside each and every one of them. Meaning if it doesn’t release the toxic material
    in your household, then it will in a landfill for a later generation. 

  • All fluorescent bulbs should be properly disposed of at your local Waste Facility and not tossed in with the regular garbage.

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